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0 10x13 GA Aussie Autopsy Needle*

0 10x13 GA Aussie Autopsy Needle*

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10"x13 GA HYPO NEEDLE SPECIAL 5 Hole Trocar Aussie


The new Aussie injection trocar is a good addition to any embalmers instrument kit. I have been using this instrument for about 2 years on accident victims, tissue donation and autopsies. One of the areas frequently used is for embalming the remains after body/tissue harvesting. The amount of muscle, skin and other tissues is often limited and the arterial system usually has been severely compromised. With the trim diameter of the Aussie and its multi-injection orifices, excellent dispersment of embalming fluid is attained using only minimal manipulation. The bayonet attachment to your new adaptor/valve arrangement allows for higher pressure than simply a syringe. More fluid with less damage to the remaining muscle and skin, as well as the whipping actions around the sides and back that are required after any autopsy, gives adequate and complete coverage in a timely manner. The adaptor set-up with push button valve gives infinite control while working in smaller more prominent areas that are historically viewed. Efficiency is dramatically increased with the constant flow i.e., no stopping and disconnecting to refill the syringe is required while attached to any embalming machine.

For both, tradesmen and funeral homes, the quality of the embalming procedure is improved with less time giving families more comfort. After using this set-up once or twice, most embalmers, especially those working on the severe cases, will appreciate this advancement.

Please do not hesitate contacting me with any questions that may arise.


Stephen J. Teeple

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